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Maandag 16 november 2020


Software developers - Freedom of choice "(For developers only)"

Onderstaande tekst is vertaald vanuit het Nederlands(Origineel) naar het Engels door Priscilla Harmanus

The national government announced last week what exactly the development of the corona app will look like. Various experts are participating in the first test version of the app, which should be completed by the end of May. Who are these people and what expertise do they bring?

The first test version of the app is being developed by a number of government organizations, supplemented by external experts. These experts examine the available source codes, including those of participants in the Appathon, and work towards an intermediate result that can be further built on. The experts now recruited therefore choose which basis will be used.

Dirk-Willem van Gulik, back-end

Dirk-Willem van Gulik is perhaps the most famous name on the list of the national government. Van Gulik was at the cradle of the still widely used Apache software for servers. He is also a co-founder of the Apache Software Foundation, which is another founder of open source software.

LinkedIn Public Profile...

Van Gulik led the Apache Software Foundation for no less than eight years, but left it in 2007. He later became CTO at various companies, including Joost Technologies. In 2008, Van Gulik became Chief Technical Architect at the BBC, where he became responsible for the BBC's next generation back-end infrastructure.

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    Edo Plantinga, open source community management

    Edo Plantinga is also no stranger to online governmentFor example, between 2009 and 2011 he was a consultant for data.overheid.nl, in 2012 technical project leader of data.overheid.nl and between 2013 and 2015 product manager at DigiD.

    Plantinga is also one of the initiators of the government-wide knowledge network User Central, which aims to put the theme of services more firmly on the map of the governmentAt User Central, Plantinga is the link to Code for NL, a network of open source developers and designers "who work together" on digital government.

    He now uses "those same experiences" to help the government manage an open source communityThe intention is that the corona app will be completely open sourceThe source code and designs must therefore appear online as soon as possible.

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    Hugo Visser, Android developer

    Hugo Visser is a well-known name when it comes to Android. Visser has been working as a software developer for at least twenty years, but since the announcement of Android, his focus has only been on that. In 2009, he published his first Android app, Rainy Days, a virtual weather radar that uses data from multiple sources to forecast the weather.

    Visser is now also a Google Developer Expert in the field of Android, Firebase and IoTThe Google Developers Experts Program is a global network of highly experienced technology experts, influencers and leaders who actively support developers, businesses and tech communities by publishing content and speaking at events. Visser also has his own company: Little Robots, with which he focuses on apps and other smart use of the Android platform.

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    Ivo Jansch, technical architect

    Ivo Jansch is both an entrepreneur and a software architect. Jansch worked for ten years at Ibuildings, a large PHP service provider. There he first worked as a software architect and later as CTO. In 2010 he started tech company Egeniq, which focuses on 'smart app development'. The company, where Jansch is still CEO, offers development services for iOS, Android, web and other platforms, and has clients such as RTL, Pathé and the FD. In addition, Jansch is a co-founder of video platform Follow and co-founder of Buildozer, which provides automated build and deployment tools for mobile developers.

    Jansch is also an expert in PHP technology in enterprise environmentsHe also wrote two books about this: 'PHP / Architect's Guide to Enterprise PHP Development' and 'PHP Development In The Cloud'. Since 2011, he has also organized Appdevcon, a conference especially for app developers, set up by app developers.

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    Jelle Prins, design

    After graduating, Jelle Prins soon started designing apps, which received immediate attention from media such as CNN, New York Times and WiredNot much later, Prins was asked to contribute to the Uber app, where he was responsible for the design for many years. Prins also founded his own company Moop in 2010, which designed and built the first apps for startups such as Booking.com, Catawiki and TravelbirdThe company was acquired by Uber in 2014.

    It is not clear what Prince's exact role is at the time of writing. As an expert, Prins would contribute to the design of the app, but announced on Twitter at the beginning this week that he would temporarily withdraw due to family circumstances. It is unclear when and whether he return as an external expert.

    🇳🇱 Our government has asked me to advise on the design of the tracking app...


    Emiel Janson, design

    Emiel Janson is a freelance designer who has worked on multiple projects over the years. He worked as Mobile Product Designer at Blendle and worked at TIDAl.com on the new design of their app. Various apps that he made himself were also picked up by Apple and several international media.

    Richard Stallman Calls Open Source Movement 'Amoral', Criticizes Apple And Microsoft For 'Censoring' App Installation

    Richard Stallman Calls Open Source Movement 'Amoral', Criticizes Apple And Microsoft For 'Censoring' App Installation (newleftreview.org)

    Joris Leker, design

    Joris Leker is a researcher in the field of user experiences and usability. In 2000 he started the company Valsplat, which designs apps based on research into how such an app is used and what the needs of users are. The company previously worked with Randstad and KPN, for example.

    In addition, Leker is a co-founder and co-owner of Sticktail, which brings together customer insights, and Happy Labs, which provides facilities for UX research.

    Jasper Hauser, design

    Jasper Hauser has been developing digital products for 17 years. In 2006 he started the company Sofa, where he also became a principal designer. Sofa focused on building products based on good design. The company attracted a lot of attention, including from Facebook: in 2011, the social medium took over Sofa. Hauser then went to work for Facebook, where he was first product designer and later product design manager.

    After his departure in 2016, he started the company DFFRNT Lab, where he is now Chief Product Officer. He is also co-founder and Chief Design Officer at Darkroom, a photo editor for the iPhone.


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    Home » Regering » Digitale overheid » Open source en free software » Coronavirus-app en experts is een nieuwe webpagina

    Open Source Software _ Free Software (OSS_FS) References. cocainehtml

    The Directorate of Information Policy at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport has engaged Dirk-Willem van Gulik as an external expert in the context of the Dutch Corona Crisis response.

    Temporary External Expert, Dutch Ministry of Health bij Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport

    CTO for hire, Due diligence and technology remedial team fixing

    The text below has been translated from Dutch(original) into English by Priscilla Harmanus

    The government has shared its schedule for the new corona tracking app after previous attempts failed. The app is built by a team of experienced developers.

    Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health, Welfare and Sport) said in the Lower House (Tweede Kamer) on Wednesday that a first version of the new app could hopefully be tested at the end of May. The ministry has now shared a timetable (tijdpad en proces) on which the development of the new app is explained.

    It is again an app that should make tracing possible corona infections easier for the GGD. The app must be able to warn people who have been in the vicinity of a person infected with the corona virus.

    The previous attempt to get such an app off the ground failed when, after a very short lead time, the seven candidate apps... none of them met the requirements.

    Experienced experts
    Now the government is opting for a transparent development of a corona app. The GGD will clarify what the app should be able to do to improve contact research and a new team is developing that app. That team includes external experts such as Dirk-Willem van Gulik, known for the widely used Apache software for servers, and Jelle Prins, responsible for the design of Uber's apps for years. They have "a lot of experience in developing, testing and managing digital applications", according to the government.

    The first so-called 'proof of concept' should be ready by the end of May: an early app that works and can be tested on a limited scale. In the run-up to that test version, interim results will also be published publicly. "We do this in all openness to not only show what we do and where we stand, but also to actively use the knowledge and experience of everyone who wants to participate."

    Privacy and openness
    Again, privacy, rights and data security are important points. The previous apps could not guarantee those points, so the government had to go back to the drawing board. The new app will be open-source and will use the joint platform of Apple and Google, Minister De Jonge wrote earlier in a letter to the House (Kamer).

    The platform from Apple and Google ensures that the app works well on iOS and Android, while protecting the privacy of the user. The companies only allow one app per country on the platform. When the corona crisis ends, the platform will be closed.

    The new app may still contain source code from apps submitted in the previous attempt. What is new is that it will now always be checked what and who is needed.

    "If it is decided to build on a specific source code, the first construction team will probably be expanded with experts with regard to that source code. They may be experts from the group of previous participants, or from outside of it," says the government.

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    Home » Regering » Digitale overheid » Coronavirus-app en experts is een nieuwe webpagina

    Home » Regering » Digitale overheid » Coronavirus-app en experts is een nieuwe webpagina