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How I Discovered Free Software and met RMS¹

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Richard Stallman: How he started the GNU project²,³

00:12 Well, what's GNU plus Linux? In 1984, I 00:16 began developing an operating system, 00:21 which is a free software replacement for 00:24 Unix. Now UNIX, in 1984, had hundreds of 00:30 components, so developing a replacement 00:36 mean, meant developing a free replacement 00:38 for every one of those components, except 00:42 a few we could do without. So, in 1992, we 00:48 had almost the entire GNU system, but 00:51 one essential important component was 00:54 missing, that component, is the kernel, 00:57 which is the program, that's the platform 00:59 on which the other programs run. It 01:02 allocates the computer's resources to 01:04 other programs. So, in 1992, mr. 01:09 Torvalds, 01:10 who had written a proprietary kernel 01:12 called Linux, liberated it. At that point, 01:17 the combination of Linux, and the 01:20 incomplete GNU system, made a complete 01:23 free operating system achieving the goal 01:27 that I had announced in 1983. So, the 01:32 result was a system, that was basically 01:34 GNU, but also contains Linux. So, it's 01:37 the GNU plus Linux, or GNU slash 01:40 Linux system. You'll find that, most 01:42 people erroneously call the whole thing 01:45 Linux, which means, you're giving us no 01:47 credit for our work. That's not nice, 01:50 please. Please don't do that, 01:51 even, if other people do that, please, 01:54 treat us right.

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How I discovered free software and met RMS

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Beyond Open Source: Free Software and Freedom.

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