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Nederland Open in Verbinding (NOiV)

Wat is en wat doet NOiV? 🇳🇱2009/06/01

The text below has been translated from Dutch (the original) into English by Priscilla Harmanus

What is and what does NOiV do?
The Netherlands Open in Connection
'Government organizations help to find their way around open standards and make them more aware of the possibilities of open source software'. In a nutshell, this is the main task of the Netherlands Open in Connection program office (2008 - 2011), a program implemented by the ICTU Foundation on behalf of the Ministries of Economic Affairs and the Interior and Kingdom Relations. The program was prompted by the thought in the House of Representatives that the use and application of open standards and open source software contributes to a better performing and maximum service provision government. The program follows the Actieplan Nederland Open in Verbinding (PDF) / Netherlands Open in Connection Action Plan (PDF), which the State Secretaries of Economic Affairs and of the Interior and Kingdom Relations sent to the Lower House in September 2007, and which was adopted by the same House in December of that year.

After an induction period, NOiV's focus in 2009 will be on municipalities, ministries, provinces and water boards. In addition, it zooms in on organizations in the healthcare and education sectors. Next year, the field of activity of the NOiV program office will be expanded to the social security sector, and 2011 will mainly focus on safeguarding the movement that has started in the daily practice of the (semi-) public sector.

In the pursuit of reaching target groups, decision-makers and administrators, ambassadors are used, among other things. Erik Gerritsen, former municipal secretary of Amsterdam, focuses on the management and administration of government organizations, while Frans Nauta, lecturer in Public Sector Innovation at the Hogeschool van Arnhem and Nijmegen and former member of the Innovation Platform, focuses on the education sector and of the expertise of the open community. In addition, use is made of partnerships and current activities. Examples are the NUP (National Implementation Program for better services and e-government) and the open workplace. There is also close cooperation with the Standardization Forum Office. An important role is also reserved for suppliers, user groups and the various 'open' communities. Regular consultations are also held with them.

The NOiV program office is involved, among other things, with:

  • give substance to the activities specified in the Netherlands Open in Connection Action Plan;
  • communicate and educate about the What, How and When of the various activities;
  • coordinate and monitor NOiV activities, even if they are not carried out by the program itself;
  • supporting the development of implementation strategies for open source software;
  • sharing knowledge and experience through presentations, workshops and website;
  • providing legal information regarding OSS license agreements;


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    ↓ Part of the text below has been translated from English (original) into Netherlands by Priscilla Harmanus
    Over NOiV
    Het programma NOiV (Nederland in Open Verbinding) informeert en adviseert de Nederlandse publieke sector over de mogelijkheden van open source software en stimuleert het gebruik van open source software in hun informatiesystemen. Het acroniem OS & OSS staat voor "Open Standards & Open Source Software".

    Het NOiV-programma biedt concrete ondersteuning met informatie, kennis en instrumenten die overheden kunnen gebruiken om open source software te gaan gebruiken. Het programma wordt uitgevoerd door de stichting e-overheid, ICTU, op verzoek van de ministeries van
    Economische Zaken.

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Open source licentiewijzer gelanceerd

Open Source Licentiewijzer


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